Our promise: Our company is all about driving artistic innovation on a constant basis. Every project is unique and independent as we are driven by our customers. We will turn your home to a piece of art..

ROCKOCO & Co have as an main activity transforming the home/office/bar/shop wall spaces with different art pieces including painting, faux painting effect, volume wall decorations, murals or using different types of plastering and techniques. The outcome is a unique, personal and independent wall art designed by us for the client or designed by the client himself. The goal of the company is to turn the desired place in “your personal piece work of art

Our main engine for success will be our customer's personality, wishes, likes and dreams presented on their walls. Brand policy will be driving uniqueness and innovation on a constant basis and reasonable prices. Digital designs will be made before execution of each project, cleaning, guarantee and maintenance will be provided as part of the service.

  • Step 1

    Idea discussion
  • Step 2

    Wall inspection
  • Step 3

    Budget and materials estimation
  • Step 4

    Digital design of the project
  • Step 5

    Action time with regular client feedback
  • Step 6

  • Step 7

    Enjoyment of the final result